A Ranger’s story

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2010 at 9:37 pm

By: Tim Connor

Have you ever wanted to know more about Fort McHenry? Come take a look at Jim Rogers, a ranger at the national park, and see it through his eyes.

  1. Your interview subject, Jim Rogers, offered great insight for your story. While simply interviewing him and recording your own voice with his quotes would have sufficed, actually including his voice throughout gave your project new depth. Truly commendable work.


  2. Unlike most of the slideshows that had the students voice overlapping the photos they took, you went a different direction and had an awesome park ranger tell the story. I liked that you didn’t just take the easy way out and use photos from the summer like I did, so again, I applaud you for that. Great work this semester and best of luck!


  3. It was a good idea to use a main subject (Jim Rogers) to focus on during your slideshow. You might want to record yourself telling information about the topic to introduce the person you’re interviewing.


  4. I have not been to Fort McHenry for the longest time. The fact that you decided to use his voice and take the story from his perspective was a great idea. I thought the pictures and the story idea matched up extremely well and you did a great job.


  5. I thought having the ranger talk about it himself was a good idea, but it might of been nice to hear you speak about it as well. The photos matched up well with what the ranger said though, so great job.


  6. I like the fact that you chose to have the Ranger tell the story, and he did a really great job narrating. The way you chose to go about doing this is diferent and I appreciate the fact that you didn’t choose to do something more simple, because this turned out really well!


  7. I’ve actually never been to Fort McHenry, despite leaving in MD all my life. It was really nice to hear that the guard has such a personal history with the place. Your pictures made me want to plan a visit there.


  8. I liked how you had your subject you were interviewing speak on the audio bit. However, I agree with Jen that you should introduce him or something. Make it more personal to YOUR readers.


  9. It’s amazing to hear the passion in this ranger’s voice as he talks about his job. I think being a park ranger must be a dream job…and your ranger definitely seems to feel this way.


  10. Is that Ranger single?


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