A Ranger’s story

  1. I was interested in watching your slideshow because it is something I know nothing about and the scenary is unlike anything I have ever really seen. I think you captured his personality in the pictures you have and overall you did a really good job.


  2. As a Baltimore native, I love that you tapped into the distinctiveness of the town for a piece like this. Stories about Fort McHenry are too few and far in between, mostly because people cannot put together new angles on such an old topic. However, you did just that. Way to be original.


  3. I used to come here after school a few times a week with my parents! I completely forgot about the place with the historical buildings and artifacts. I always used to run around and play in the dungeons when I went there. The photos of the people that work there made your slideshow really awesome because I think that older man has been there forever! Good job on investigating such a nearby and historical place.


  4. I like that you let the ranger tell the story. I can actually picture him talking by watching the slideshow. Your pictures were very well chosen and they narrated the story very well. The pictures of the flag poll were very well done. I like the music that you added at the end of the slideshow because it ended the story with a patriotic theme.


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